Between France and China, there are vast geographical distance and cultural oppositions and affinities, misunderstandings and partnerships, challenges and opportunites, and above lot of things to do ...

For the French, China has never been a country “like the others”, with its historic, geographic and demographic unfamiliar to our vision of things, for its complexity and specificity then. It remains a singular: for centuries idealized demonized then, Object passionate enthusiasm followed by periods of disinterest equally irrational arguments inexhaustible reservoirs to our debate hexagonal … Early recognized by France, China remains unknown French, including its latest developments. This reflected, among other things, the weakness of our economic and cultural positions in that country.
Yet … holds an exceptionally rich cultural heritage of humanity, China has nearly three decades of opening and modernization, which led to economic growth that have dramatically raised to the rank of emerging power. Now offering as many challenges as opportunities, it should – beyond the effects of fashion and excesses of information show – be subject in France of a more rational approach.
It is the goal of the Federation of Associations Franco-Chinoise, especially as both countries are engaged since 1997 in a “global partnership” in the long term that has enabled the success the “Franco years cross-Chinese” in 2004-2005. With a score of Associations, it constitutes a privileged dialogue with China and the Chinese. Outside affiliation, including politics, F.A.F.C aims to bring together organizations working specifically to promote friendly relations and cooperation between France and China, and promote the progress of their knowledge.

Member associations of the federation fit, offering quality activities on all aspects of Chinese reality, past and present, develop a common interest and sympathy perennial, which alone can generate productive relationships with the Chinese.

These associations among others to offer their members and partners:

  • language courses, calligraphy, gymnastics and Chinese cuisine;
  • conferences, exhibitions, shows, movies and animations on any different theme relating to China
  • privileged contacts with that country, thanks to decades of experience and relationships with many partners including the China Association for Friendship with Foreign
  • contacts and activities with the Chinese communities
  • the creation of Franco-Chinese partnership in various fields, including cultural
  • rates and information on events relating to China held in France
  • voyages of discovery and deepening of Chinese realities, travel or tourism for the benefit of policy makers, professionals or groups;
  • participation in fairs, festivals, exhibitions and cultural events, general or thematic
  • partnerships with local authorities to develop and facilitate decentralized cooperation Franco-Chinese
  • interventions in educational settings, in order to promote awareness of China, developing the study of Chinese, the pairing of businesses (including professionals) and youth exchanges;
  • support to the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and consular agencies for the development of economic ties between the two countries
  • support the progress of la Francophonie in China, like any initiative likely to develop the knowledge of France.